Key products for electrical and hydrogen drivelines:

  • High efficiency silicone – carbide inverters,
  • Drive systems (inverter+motor) for various power levels and different applications,
  • Fuel cell power electronic controllers for vehicle applications
  • Wsparcie partnerów podczas prowadzenia prac analitycznych, badawczo-rozwojowych oraz koncepcyjnych związanych z bezemisyjnymi systemami napędowymi.

Marine sector

Drive sets (motor+inverter+PDU+display+lever) with powers from 9kW to 110 kW, liquid cooled, as outboard and inboard solutions.


Electric MotionPower220 drive system

Electric drives

We are designing, constructing and evaluating electric drives in various topologies.

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H2Control30 – fuel cell controller

Industrial electronics

SiC – based fuel cell controllers, inverters, electrolyser power supplies, distribution units for Your applicaitions.

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HydroBuffer2 – 2kW hydrogen set

Hydrogen systems

Hydrogen sets for smaller and medium size applications. Also applicable as a educational stands.

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