Marine drive systems spring sale!

Spring sale !

Looking for an electrical drive system for Your boat ? We are offering a limited time spring sale !


Design of power electronic converters

Power electronics

We can design and manufacture power electronic converter solutions for Your applications !


Design and construction of custom electric drive units

Need an electric drive system for Your ideas ? We can design and manufacture a drivetrain solution with You !




Our primary aim is to lower the impact of transportation on the environment. We support the implementation of ambitious, carbon-free plans of our customers. We want to be the default choice for Your exceptional needs in emission-free transportation.

Our mission is to support our customers during the design, construction and integration of electric and hydrogen – based drivetrains. We design and build drive systems that are precisely fitted to the needs of different applications. We offer power electronic solutions based on silicon-carbide semiconductors and our own designs in fields of electric machines and hydrogen – based energy sources. Experienced engineers and designers, highly sophisticated design software and advanced technologies allow fast implementation of various designs and highly complicated projects.

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Our power electronics products contain numerous technological innovations – power transistors are exclusively based on silicon carbide – SiC, low-loss, custom made cooling systems, optimized control algorithms. Both our drive inverters and fuel cell controllers are designed and tested in our modern laboratories and in the vehicles of our customers. Control platforms are exclusively based on DSP processors. Certified organization and processes assure high quality of both services and products.

MPower electric designs, in versions adapted to the customer’s needs, are used to drive emission-free vehicles (land and marine) and are designed for the ease of integration with existing gearboxes.

We design our products using newest trends – a minimized number of permanent magnets, custom cooling systems, adaptable mounting systems. Newest production technologies are implemented: laser steel cutting, additive production, vacuum impregnation, computer controlled rotor balancing. Each machine, prior delivery, is thoroughly investigated on our test-stand.



Key products for electrical and hydrogen drivelines:

  • High efficiency silicone – carbide inverters,
  • Drive systems (inverter+motor) for various power levels and different applications,
  • Fuel cell power electronic controllers for vehicle applications
  • Support of customers during the concept phase, design, research and in the implementation of emission-free drivelines.

Marine drives

A set including a battery system, traction inverter and an electrical machine with the continuous power of 11 kW, liquid cooled.


Electric MotionPower220 drive system

Electric drives

We are designing, constructing and evaluating electric drives in various topologies.


H2Control30 – fuel cell controller

Industrial electronics

SiC – based fuel cell controllers, inverters, electrolyser power supplies, distribution units for Your applicaitions.


HydroBuffer2 – 2kW hydrogen set

Hydrogen systems

Hydrogen sets for smaller and medium size applications. Also applicable as a educational stands.




Using our expertise and detailed knowledge we can support the implementation process of electric drivetrains in various applications. We can offer:

Our tools: Ansys Maxwell, PLECS, Matlab, Altium Designer, Solidworks, Solidworks Simulation oraz  Flow Simulation, Autodesk Fusion 360

Specialized diagnostics equipment from: Tektronix, Fluke, Flir, Yokogawa.



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