Drive systems


Drive system designed for medium and small size boats, also for charter use. Applicable as an outboard or inbord system. The dive set includes a battery system (lithium ion LFP technology, inboard charger included), PDU unit, display, drive-by-wire lever.

Designed for seamless connection with existing gearboxes, shafts and DC links.

In this product line we are offering solutions for DC link voltages of 48 VDC.

Drive inverter:

Low voltage inverter 6T bridge. Constant modulation frequency. Optimized, patented control.

Drive motor:

Internal rotor PMSM.

High power density.

3x Thermal protection.

Main parameters:

VDC link voltage:


Continuous output power kW



35 kg

Battery system

4 x 2,5 kWh LiFePO4


Electronic LCD



On-board charger

Yes, 50A

PDU (power distribution unit)

Yes, electronic

Safety power limits (derating)

Yes, on warnings

Charging time

4 h

VDC nominal voltage:

51,2 V

Nominal capacity

50 Ah / 2560 Wh


Byotta (Polska)

Single module size

368 x 323 x 199 mm

Single module weight

30 kg


CAN (J1939)

Nominal discharge power per module

5120 W / 100 A

Temperature range

-20 – 55 st. Celsj.

Number of modules per system

Max. 8

Number of cycles


The power distribution unit monitors and protects both the AC circuits on the boat (charger, shore power) and the DC buses – both during operation of the drive and during charging. Communication with the CAN network enables the integration of both simple and complex propulsion systems on boats with maximum operational safety.

The LCD display with several user screens provides information about system parameters (power, current, range, temperature, battery charge status) and allows you to view the drive operating parameters (the engine itself and the battery system). It also informs the user about system warnings, skidding failure, charging status and much more.

The on-board charger with a power of 2.4 kW (charging current: 50A) allows you to quickly deliver the energy from shore, all you need is a regular single-phase socket at the marina. The user does not worry about charging, the process is monitored by the PDU system.

We offer drive-by-wire electronic levers in several versions. They are intended for both side mounting and on the top mounting on the control panel. Reliable and at the same time gentle in operation, they provide a completely new experience during cruises.

The set also includes:

  • Cabling set
  • Charging wire
  • Charging socket
  • Keylock
  • Safety switch
  • An electronic logger with GPS tracking (for interested users).