The privacy policy


Data controller

MPOWER Sp. z o.o. seated in Szczecinie (71-441), ul. Cyfrowa 8.

Personal data

1. The personal data collected by the Controller via the website are processed as per the Order of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 dated 2016-04-27 regarding protection of natural persons in relation to processing of personal data and regarding free flow of such data, as well as rescission of directive 95/46/EC (general data protection regulation), hereinafter referred to as GDPR and personal data protection act dated 2018-05-10.

2. The Controller processes personal data (name and e-mail address) via the website whenever the users make use the contact form. The data are processed pursuant to granted consents (article 6 act 1 item a GDPR) an for purposes resulting from legitimate interest (article 6 act 1 item f GDPR).

3. The data shall be processes for at least 2 years for the purpose of compliance with the obligations resulting from the requirements of inquiry or until the consent is withdrawn.

4. During use of the website, the following data shall also be collected: the visitor’s IP address and the IP address from which a message was sent, geographical location, version and type of the web browser, as well as details of the duration and mode of browsing the website.

5. Provision of the data is voluntary and the Controller exercises particular diligence to protect the interest of the data subject, in particular by ensuring that the collected data are: processed legitimately, collected for specific, legal purposes and not subject to any further processing contrary to these purposes, factually correct and adequate to the purposes of their processing, as well as stored in a form permitting identification of the data subjects, no longer than required to achieve the goal of processing.

Personal data transfer

1. The personal data shall be transferred to providers of services used by the Controller to maintain the website, including in particular to hosting providers and entities which provide tools for online traffic analytics – Google Analytics.

2. The Data subjects shall be entitled to access the contents of their personal data and to correct, remove or limit processing of these data, to transfer the data, to file an objection, to withdraw their consent at any time without affecting the legality of the processing conducted pursuant to the consent before its withdrawal.

3. In order to execute the entitlements referred to in article 2, an appropriate e-mail should be sent to:

4. Should any user exercise one of the rights specified above, the Controller shall fulfil their demand or refuse to fulfil the same immediately, yet no later than within one month from the date of reception. However, if due to a complicated nature of the demand or a large number of demands, the Controller will be unable to fulfil the demand within one month, it shall fulfil the same within two subsequent months, after notifying the user within one month from the reception of the demand – about the intended extension of the deadline and the causes thereof.

5. In the case of finding that personal data processing violates the GDPR regulations, the data subject shall be entitled to lodge a complaint with the President of the Personal Data Protection Office.


1. The cookies are IT data, particularly text files collected and stored in the end device of the website’s user for a time specified in the file parameters or until deleted by the user. The cookie files store data which are often required for proper operation of the website, particularly containing the name of the website domain where they originate from, duration of storage in the end device and a unique name.

2. In order to analyse the user’s traffic on the website, we use Google Analytics, which utilizes cookies to recognize the user’s computer during visits on the website. These files are used to analyse the way of using the website in order to compile general statistics for visits on the website. Detailed information about Google Analytics privacy policy are available at:

3. The cookie files are required for proper performance of services on the website and the Controller uses cookies in order to better understand the interactions between the user and the website contents.

4. The user has the right to make decisions in the scope of the cookie files availability for their device by choosing their options beforehand in the browser window. Detailed information about the possibility and method of handling the cookie files are available in the settings of the web browser.